Commercial facilities

One of the main specialties of our company is designing of the commercial facilities, including in particular:


  • large-scale shopping centers
  • multifunction shopping and service centers
  • network shop pavilions
  • car showrooms
  • petrol stations
  • car wash and service stations


As examples of our successfully completed projects we can mention among others all the NETTO network shops located in northern Poland, Shopping Centre in Koszalin, petrol stations (BP, Statoil, Shell), bus station with commercial buildings, car showrooms, car wash & service stations and also recreation centers.


In addition to complete building design we also realize installations designs for commercial, public use and residential buildings, including:


  • central heating installations
  • ventilation installations
  • gas instalations and connections
  • heating plants
  • sewage treatment plants


On behalf of our clients we prepare location analyses for the planned commercial pavilions, develop documentation necessary to obtain environmental decisions and conduct supervisions at all stages of the project development.