Environmental protection


Consulting services  related to the environmental protection at every stage of the investment preparation and implementation process are the key specialty of our company.

With 30 years of experience in this field, own professional personnel and cooperation with the top experts, we guarantee the highest quality of the elaborated environmental impact assessment reports, localization analyses, wildlife surveys, environmental audits and research.

We offer comprehensive handling of all typical formal and legal environmental procedures, as well as additional services and consultancy, including establishing relations with local communities or realization of environmental research and supervision according to trade standards required by the investor.

Scope of the offer

Environmental impact assessment
  • comprehensive coordination in the procedure for obtaining the environmental permit
  • environmental impact assessment (EIA) reports
  • necessary analyses, studies and expertise
  • formal approvals, legal opinion and interpretation
  • negotiations and consultation with the local communities

Location analysis and environmental studies
  • location analysis, identification of the environmental constraints
  • field measurements and laboratory tests, monitoring and quality analyses of the surface and groundwater, air and acoustic climate
  • pre-investment nature screening and monitoring, nature inventory
  • preliminary local consultation

Environmental protection in the location and building procedures
  • environmental information required in applications for location decisions, public investment location decision, permission for artificial islands erection, etc.
  • environmental studies for the planning procedures: commune spatial development study and local development plans

Environmental protection at the stage of the project  development preparation
  • applications for the water permit required by the Water Law Act
  • applications for the solid wastes  generation and utilization permits
  • applications for sewage production, discharge and utilization permits
  • applications for the pollution emission permits
  • applications for tree clearing permits

Environmental protection at the realization and post realization stage of the project development 
  • environmental supervision on behalf of investor
  • monitoring of the vulnerable elements of the environment during the construction works
  • post realization environmental analysis and monitoring
  • environmental compensation concepts and guidelines

Advisory on the formal procedures and local consultations during the project development process
  • consultancy concerning the administrative procedures
  • consultation with the administration bodies at the local, regional and national level
  • building the relation with the local communities and authorities at the stage of the project’s preparation and development
  • organization of the information campaigns, local consultations and individual negotiations

Environmental protection the commune and enterprise level
  • environmental and energy audits
  • waste management programs
  • legal consultancy and services in the environmental protection procedures
  • reporting in environmental protection