Industrial facilities


For 30 years, AOS has been active in designing of the industrial facilities, technological installations and infrastructure investments.


We offer preparation of the complete construction and detailed designs,  installation and technological designs, as well as the comprehensive services at the stage of obtaining required approvals and permits.


Besides the designing work itself, we also handle the designer supervisions and the supervisions on behalf of the investor at the stage of installation’s implementation and start-up.


Our achievements include technical designs for wooden and fish-processing industries, food plants, as well as for technological wastewater treatment plants and sewage systems, water pipelines, heating plants, gas pipelines, roads, road-crosses and the energy infrastructure.


Our services include

  • preparation of comprehensive construction and detailed designs
  • preparation of installation and technological designs
  • preparation of technical and technological documentation
  • execution of specialized research and expertise
  • obtaining necessary certificates and approvals
  • comprehensive support in area of environmental procedures
  • preparation of cost estimationq and schedules for realization
  • preparation of tender documentation
  • handling designer’s and investor’s supervision
  • consultancy services at the stage of technological start-up and process monitoring