Offshore wind energy projects

Engineering and consultancy services

The AOS works as an expert within the offshore wind energy sector includes the coordination and preparation of 10 applications for the erection of the artificial islands. These applications were required in order to carry out offshore energy projects of the overall capacity of 7 GW localized in the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).  The applications were prepared due to the direct order from the foreign investor or in cooperation with the Maritime Institute in Gdańsk, as a subcontractor. 

Works completed by AOS: preparation of the applications for the offshore wind farms

  • the estimation of the marine area and the time required to complete the investment 
  • preparation and description of the base technical parameters and estimated value of the projects, including the presentation of the methodologies for exporting the product to the main land
  • preparation and description of the economical and social impact caused by the project realization
  • technology description of the planned investment 
  • description and assessment of the potential impact of the planned investment on the natural and mineral resources
  • description of the solutions proposed to minimize the detrimental impact of the planned investment on the marine environment - cooperation with Maritime Institute in Gdańsk
  • description of the assumptions that were made, methodologies that were used for the preparation of the prognosis and the environmental data with the indication of the difficulties that appeared during the process of information gathering 
  • preparation and description of the management program of the project development and operation phase
  • preparation of the final graphic and text versions of the documentation 
  • coordination of the expert team and consultations at the ministries

AOS input in the development of the conception for the offshore grid 

In 2009 AOS along with the companies: Energoprojekt Kraków SA and Eltel Networks SA prepared the conception for the electrical power transmission grid located within the Polish marine area and called the Polish Offshore Grid. The same year due to the AOS initiative the Polish Offshore Grid Consortium was established.


AOS input in promotion of the offshore wind energy in Poland

AOS gets involved in the activities that promote development of the offshore wind energy sector in Poland. It cooperates with the Polish Wind Energy Society in Gdańsk, taking part in international projects and by supporting the organization of the conferences and seminars.

In 2007 AOS joined the Baltic cluster of the offshore wind energy BOSEC. In 2008 AOS was the co-organizer of the international conference “Chances and possibilities for the offshore wind energy development on the Baltic Sea”, attended by G. Adamowitsch and J. Buzek.

Since 2010 AOS has been taking part as a supporting partner in the international project “„South Baltic Offshore Energy Regions” (SB OFFER), financed by the EU South Baltic Program. 

Since 2018 AOS has opened cooperation with BBM Offshore (Poland)